Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnosis?
Every time you become engrossed in a book, the television, music or simply daydreaming you are in hypnosis.  You go in and out the hypnotic state every day.  Hypnosis could also be called focussed awareness.

What is hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is hypnosis with therapy.  Hypnotherapy utilises this natural occurrence to communicate with your unconscious mind to facilitate positive and long lasting change.   It offers you a safe place to explore difficulties you may be having in your personal life with someone who is trained to neither judge nor advise you, but to explore and unlock your inner resources.  

What are the benefits?
The aim of Hypnotherapy is to empower you to undergo a process of maturation in which your unconscious mind will communicate  with your conscious mind in order to achieve balance and harmony.  Hypnotherapy can be used to change unwelcome habits, thoughts and behaviours.  For changing the way you view the past, present and future.

Do you give up control?
As hypnosis is a normal everyday occurrence it is perfectly safe and you are awake and aware.  It has often been described as having a dreamlike quality; some people feel it to be quite relaxing and yet others’ feel that all their senses are heightened.  It can feel different each time you enter hypnosis. Your unconscious mind will only accept suggestion that it considers beneficial to you.    It has been stated many times by hypnotherapists and clients alike that ‘all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.’

TimeLine Therapy ®?
TimeLine Therapy can be used to investigate your limiting decisions, inner conflicts, trauma or distress in order to bring about beneficial change.  It works on debilitating and unfruitful behaviours which hinder your personal growth.  TimeLine Therapy® can allow you to grow emotionally and fulfil your own true potential in life.  Past, present and future can be explored and although it can be temporarily upsetting this gentle process will allow you to understand more about yourself.  From this you may begin to feel more confident, and make positive changes in your life, or come to terms with things that cannot be changed.  

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?
Have you wondered how some people seem to lead magical successful and fulfilling lives, seeming to effortless achieve their goals?  Even when things do go wrong, they somehow manage to turn it around and come up smelling of roses!
By studying how high achievers realise their dreams, the developers of NLP have built up a vast reservoir of knowledge about what works in every field of human endeavour.  You can apply he knowledge resulting from their curiosity to help yourself to find your own untapped strengths..  

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